To enroll in the KATA Musical Theatre Intensive, fill out and submit the online form, then proceed to the bottom of the page to complete your payment via PayPal.

Student Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Medical Conditions

Please tell us of any medical conditions, such as allergies or any physical or developmental disabilities we should be aware of.

Character Parts

Please watch Mary Poppins, Jr. on YouTube and choose five characters you would like to play in the show. Make sure that you want every part equally!

Meet and Greet Events

I understand that a parent and student actor meet-and-greet event will be held at West Wyandotte Branch of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library, 1737 North 82nd Street, Kansas City, Kansas. This is a "come meet us, show off your talent, PICK UP YOUR SCRIPT, get costume measurements and leave" event.

Dates: Friday June 21st 2-4:30 pm OR Saturday June 22nd 2-4:30 pm

Please contact us if you need a specific or an alternate meet-and-greet time!

General Policies Consent and Release

I hereby waive and release Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts( KATA) and its officers, agents, volunteers and employees from all acts or omissions resulting in any physical injuries, medical treatment, or other damages to myself or any minors of whom I am parent or legal guardian, resulting from participation in KATA programs. I further waive and release KATA and its, officers, agents, volunteers and employees from any damages sustained by the aforementioned or any guests of the aforementioned as a result of any condition, act, omission or accident on or at the program site, Kansas City, Kansas or any other premises upon which any activity related to KATA takes place. Photo, Video & Audio Release: I hereby give permission to KATA to photograph, video, film and/or audio record my child and/or me. I consent to the use of such materials for all uses including recital videos, class photos and all promotional material, including KATA Web Site. This release is granted in perpetuity.
Finalize Intensive Registration with Payment

July 15th-25th  Musical Theatre IntensiveMary Poppins,Jr. ($80 for two weeks)