Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts
Launching youth into their future!
WELCOME to 2018, the 28TH SEASON OF
New Location
Bethel Elementary School
7850 Yecker Ave
Kansas City, Kansas
We're celebrating with 6 weeks of workshops plus 2 weeks of a Musical Theatre Intensive that will produce a Broadway Show! 
Welcome to EIGHT WEEKS of theatre in our neighborhood!

Workshops #1, #2, #3 , #4,#5 & #6- $70 per student 
Multi-family discounts: $60 for each student after the first. 
Scholarships and parent volunteer trades available 
 Six weeks of  themed activities that include acting, singing, dance, art and crafts, stagecraft, outdoor play, social and team building skills, reading, writing, and math for fun, AND getting on stage putting ALL of those skills into a production!  Each ONE of the first 5 workshops is a complete unit. This allows students to miss a week and not miss the fun. We then TEAM UP  in week 6 (new comers for BACK STAGE HELP welcome in week 6) and learn how to put on a first class production! Students ARE divided into age appropriate classes. 

 FREE LUNCH from Harvester's Kids Cafe!
ALL of our workshops have a written curriculum that is available for parents to see! 
 Spaces EACH week are limited so that EACH child receives the training and ATTENTION they need from KATA's  staff .                                                                                                  
Musical Theatre Intensive
: Weeks #7 &#8-$80 for both weeks!
OUR 6 week 
workshop theme
 for summer 2018 is 

                     FOUR DAYS A WEEK: 
Monday - Thursday 8:15 am-3:15 pm (pre play 7:30-8:15 am)
          We provide a mid morning and afternoon snack! 
          FREE LUNCH from Harvester's Kids Cafe!
 Registration Form for summer workshops


We will search out the meaning of the word “FRIEND” as we dig into KATA archives and library books! Then we will put that knowledge into skits using puppets, music, dance, costumes, and scenery for the 6 week workshop finale! Join us!   >>Registration form for these summer workshops!

WK#1 June 4-7….$70 “REAL friend Stories” We act out skits and create improvisations as we READ the stories of real heroes who laid down their life for their friend. We use costumes and make up all week! 

WK#2 June 11-14….$70 “To BE or Not To BE a Friend” We discover how to be a friend in need and in deed. We make PUPPETS of ALL sizes and perform puppet skits, original POEMS and POSITIVE  SONGS about being a friend.         All puppets can be taken home!

WK#3 June 18-21…$70 “Dancin’ with My Friends” We express and explore the fears and fun of movement with partners and in a team. We determine that friends are a choice. Choose wisely.

WK#4 June 25-28…$70 “Singin’ with My Friends” We express and explore the songs that bind us together or tear us apart! We reinforce: friends are a choice. Choose wisely

No Workshops July 2nd-5th

WK#5 July 9-12…$70Show Me Your Friends….” Join us as we paint, draw, take photos, make murals and collages that celebrate friendships old and new. This workshop ends with an art exhibit. All personal pieces can be taken home.

WK#6 July 16-19…$70 “That’s What Friends Are For” This is our week to bring back the favorite skits, songs, movements, costumes and make-up that expressed our theme and put it on stage for our Friends and Family Night production. 

Friends and Family Night production Thursday Night July 19th 7pm-9pm IT'S FREE! INVITE EVERYONE!
WKS#7 & 8 July 23rd- Aug 2nd...$80.00 for two weeks! Musical Theatre Intensive                                              
                                       EVENING PERFORMANCE AUG 2nd!
    ALL rehearsals are during the day 8:00-3pm at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Students bring their lunch!  Everyone who registers gets a part!  Previous experience is not necessary; however, this intensive is for serious theatre students who understand the process of selection. This two week commitment will be a fast paced schedule of learning lines, music, and dance as we make scenery, plan costumes and make-up, and stage a fully scripted Broadway jR. Show!! 
To register for our intensive click: Musical Theatre Intensive